Welcome Letter

 Welcome to The Functional Medicine Program at Beecher Chiropractic & Wellness Center. This program is over 20 years in the making. The purpose of everything we will be doing is to get to the root cause of why your body is acting the way that it is, listen to it, and give it what it is asking for.  The journey you are about to begin is not an easy one. This program is not for everyone. You will be required to make changes in your life. You have scheduled your appointment with us because you are not perfectly well and are looking for answers to get you to the best level of health possible. As you will note while filling out the enclosed paperwork, this is different. We are looking for answers to questions about your health and how you came to the place where you called and scheduled with us. If we repeat the same tests and treatments you have had in the past you will get the same results.  Again, this is not easy, but it may be life changing. As providers we will give you everything we have to achieve your final health goals. 

Our first visit will be approximately 2 hours and will cover a variety of topics. Between visits you will have "homework". You will have access to our office for private messages and communication with us. The program is everyday dietary, lifestyle, & supplement protocols. That is why we are available when you need us.  Patients should expect to make these changes for a while, some permanently. Although there are never guarantees in health care, we promise to give you everything we have to get you well. Before your first visit we ask that you complete the enclosed paperwork and Bring it with you on your first visit.  We also ask that you obtain any past medical testing you have had performed, i.e. Blood tests, MRI, EMG, etc. We do not need doctors daily notes, just test results.  On this website, there is a slide show attached. We ask that you review this before your visit. We also ask you to implement as many of these topics at home with the purpose of shortening your recovery time. 

On your first visit you will have an examination. Together we will review your illness and life timeline to this point. We will gather as much information as possible on this visit. Following this visit we will organize all the information gathered and schedule you a follow up consultation(no cost). During this second visit we will give you any testing kits necessary, discuss our working diagnosis, and begin preliminary treatments. Expect to schedule a follow up visit after all test results and received, or after a few weeks to evaluate progress. (Your insurance company may cover all or a portion of your testing) We will be in contact with you via our functional medicine email - drjoe@wowway.com. This is a great tool to ask questions between office visits.