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What Is Functional Medicine?


Description of how we treat our patients.  A nice description from the Institute of Functional Medicine

Conditions Addressed


Our goal is to strengthening your body to regain health, not to focus on the disease.

What we do


Every office has their own style, here is ours



Take your time and fill this out completely and return it prior to your first visit

Welcome Letter


Welcome to our practice

About Me

Dr. Joe Iuvara


My story, and why I do what I do.  

Before your first visit

PRIOR TO ARRIVING at our office, we ask you to do the following & bring or send prior to your first visit:


1) Print & Complete the application  

2) Gather as many tests as you can (MRI, Blood, any diagnostic tests).  Doctors notes are not needed.   

3) Go to VCSTEST.com and complete test.  Register and put Dr. Joe Iuvara as your doctor and we will recieve your tests after you take them.

4) Complete the Waiver attached to the Welcome Letter. 

Find out more

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our patients, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.  You can also send a message below.  Messages can go directly to the doctor, so ask away!  We're here to help you.

We will also do online consultations.  So if you have to travel far, or are having trouble with mobility, lets talk over the computer!

Beecher Functional Healthcare

428 Beecher Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43230, United States

(614) 855-5533 email: beecherfrontdesk@yahoo.com


Monday - Friday 9-6

Drop us a line!

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