What We Do

Our Approach

...to discovering as much about you as possible  

• Complete History 

• Create a timeline of your life 

• Review your diet and lifestyle 

• Review past medical tests  

• Look at your live blood to discover deficiencies or infections 

• Review Genetic mutations to learn the instruction manual for your individual body 

• Perform physical exam including urine test, candida test, plus many basic tests 

• Order any diagnostic tests needed 

• Brainstorm. Behind the scenes our  teammates discuss your case in detail. 

• Then we tie everything together with you and establish a reason why you are not well, and how we return you to wellness.

Costs - in office, in person

First Visit - $295 (includes second visit)

Follow-up Visits - $145

Sorry, Insurance is not accepted.

Possible additional costs


Lab testing - Depending on your insurance, some costs may be covered